Relaxation in the safest conditions

We have the highest standards of sanitation and the most efficient water and air purification systems to make you feel safe.

Feel safe and relaxed

Relax without worries in Europe's most exotic and safe wellness center. The existing conditions at Therme București are generally unfavourable for the spreading of any type of viruses from the COVID-19 class.

The most efficient water purification system in the world

Ozone treatment oxidizes organic matter in water and inactivates bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. We monitor and carry out complementary checks of air and water quality and purity.

The latest technologies in air purification and ventilation

Due to the most advanced ventilation systems used in the three access areas, Therme București meets all the characteristics of an outdoor space in terms of air purity and circulation.

The highest standards of sanitation

At Therme, we apply the highest and most efficient standards of sanitation and disinfection. Sanitary operations are performed several times a day in all areas of the complex.

Access to Therme

How do I know how many visitors Therme has at a given moment?
You can check the occupancy rate of the wellness center, in real time, on
Do I still need a Green Electronic Certificate to access Therme?
According to the decisions of the Romanian authorities and as a result of ending the state of alert, access to Therme București is now possible without presenting the Green Electronic Certificate.
Do I have to test myself to access Therme?
According to the decisions of the Romanian authorities and as a result of ending the state of alert, access to Therme București is now possible without testing.
Can I have access to Therme if I am not vaccinated?
Access to Therme București is allowed to all visitors, regardless of whether they are or not vaccinated against COVID-19.
Is it still mandatory to wear a face mask?
Wearing a protective mask is no longer mandatory, but we recommend that you wear one in crowded areas, starting from the entrance to the complex until the locker room area. Also, for your own safety and the safety of those around you, we recommend you to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from people outside your group.
Do I need an ID to enter Therme?
We recommend that you have an identity card with you when you come to Therme.

Use the bracelet for touchless purchases in all areas of Therme

What else should you know

What payment methods are accepted?
Payment can be made in the following ways: ● Payment by card ● Payment by cash ● Value card payment ● Phone / paper code voucher payment
How much time can I spend at Therme? Can I extend my stay?
You can choose between the following time intervals: 3 hours, 4.5 hours or an entire day. You can extend your stay by paying an additional fee. Check access prices here. Facilities for those who opt for an entire day, purple bracelets, VIP area in locker rooms and inside / outside The Palm and Galaxy, Elysium exterior area.
Can I reserve a place in the saunas or the swimming pools?
Sorry, we are unable to make reservations for attractions or activities in Therme right now.
What if I feel sick?
There are 3 first aid points at Therme equipped with specific protective equipment and necessary instruments.
What cleaning substances do you use? Do they have side effects?
We use disinfectants based on at least 70% alcohol. Our hygiene and cleanliness standards strictly comply with all European norms and standards.
Can I go to an area different from my chosen one?
You can change the area at any time by paying the additional area change fee. Check access prices here.

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