The wellness area, featuring themed saunas, panoramic indoor pool with pool bar, à la carte restaurant, large terrace and relaxing outdoor spaces.

When you take care of your body, your body takes care of you. In Elysium, the culture of wellness goes far beyond the usual spa experience. Choose between 6 saunas, each with its own theme and different temperature, for a refreshing feeling all over the body, especially the skin.

After your sauna, you can cool off in the superbly designed Calla shower, which sprinkles water from every petal. The Elysium experience can be rounded off with some relaxation in one of the three massage rooms or a dip in the panoramic indoor selenium and zinc pool - a real source of health and beauty.

Hang out with friends at the pool bar or try our fusion restaurant’s à la carte menu. Imaginatively prepared by Chef Handre, the dishes stand out due to their surprising combination of ingredients and will satisfy even the most demanding tastes.