Venom Strike Massage

Bee venom and vibration massage device. Unique in Romania.

The healing power of bee venom meets cutting-edge technology

For the first time in Romania, cutting-edge wellness technology meets the power of ancient remedies in a unique and innovative massage: Venom Strike: a percussive therapy massage enriched with bee venom. Venom Strike Massage marks a new milestone in health and well-being care, offering a broad spectrum of benefits for your body. With the revolutionary percussive massage device delivering between 2,000 and 3,000 pulses per minute, your muscles will experience a profound level of relaxation. Simultaneously, the masseur applies a lotion made of indigenous medicinal herbs and bee venom. Contrary to popular belief, the mix of bee venom and healing plants has almost miraculous effects on slowing down the ageing of soft tissues, tendons, and bones. Venom Strike enhances mobility, aids in recovering flexibility, alleviates chronic pain, particularly lower back pain, and releases muscle fascia. Plus, bee venom therapy, used for thousands of years in alternative medicine, provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, contributing to an exquisite state of well-being. To enjoy this new massage, make an appointment at the #instantwellness reception in the Elysium area. Benefits: ● Deep muscle relaxation ● Slowing down the ageing effect on soft tissues, tendons, and bones ● Enhancing mobility ● Recovering flexibility ● Alleviating chronic pain, particularly lower back pain ● Releasing muscle fascia ● Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties Appointments can only be made at the #instantwellness Elysium reception. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: 369 lei.

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