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The Salt Library

Relax and discover the benefits of aerosol therapy in the Himalayan salt-walled library

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Take a short break from the outside world in the saline-library, for a combined cure of chromotherapy and aerosols. Sit on a cozy cushion and browse a magazine or read a book, while enjoying the benefits of the over 80 minerals in the composition of the massive walls, made from 40 tons of Himalayan salt. At night, the walls light up in dozens of colors for a chromotherapy effect.

Why it's special

The salt library is made of massive blocks of Himalayan salt and is the largest construction of its kind in Europe


Spend at least 15 minutes in the salt library in order to enjoy the healing properties of aerosols. ● Clearing of the airways ● Detoxification ● Lowering blood pressure ● Relieving back pain

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