How to get to Therme

Getting to Therme by Car or Taxi

From Bucharest:

Go on DN1 in the town of Balotești, about 300 meters before the Hornbach store, turn right, on the additional lane with direct access to the Therme Bucharest.

From Ploiești:

Go on DN1 and make a turn towards Therme under the bridge at Otopeni airport, then turn right at the Therme flags


Getting to Therme by Bus

Line 442 STB to “Therme Bucureşti”:

- to „Therme București”: „Piaţa Presei Libere”, Bd. Mărăşti, Şos. București-Ploiești, DN1, Otopeni, Calea Bucureştilor, bucla capătul de linie „Otopeni”, DN1, Baloteşti, Calea Bucureşti, „Therme Bucureşti”;

- to „Piața Presei”: „Therme Bucureşti”, Calea Bucureşti, DN1, Complex Comercial DN1 Value Center, DN1, Otopeni, DN1, Şos. București-Ploiești, Bd. Mărăşti, „Piaţa Presei Libere”.

The schedule for line 442 and the specific stops of the new line can be accessed here


Time To Therme, Time To Recharge!

Now you can charge your electric/ hybrid plug-in car in the Therme parking lot. We are providing you with 7 electric charging stations that can accommodate up to 14 cars simultaneously. Furthermore, because we want nothing but the best for you, we have secured both normal charging stations (22 KW) and fast charging stations (50 KW).

Visit Therme for a day of relaxation and leave your car in one of Romania's largest electric charging HUBs.