How to get to Therme

Getting to Therme by Car or Taxi

From Bucharest:

Go on DN1 in the town of Balotești, about 300 meters before the Hornbach store, turn right, on the additional lane with direct access to the Therme Bucharest.

From Ploiești:

Go on DN1 and make a turn towards Therme under the bridge at Otopeni airport, then turn right at the Therme flags


Getting to Therme by Bus

Line R442 STB to “Therme Bucureşti”:

- to „Therme București”: „Piaţa Presei Libere”, Bd. Mărăşti, Şos. București-Ploiești, DN1, Otopeni, Calea Bucureştilor, bucla capătul de linie „Otopeni”, DN1, Baloteşti, Calea Bucureşti, „Therme Bucureşti”;

- to „Piața Presei”: „Therme Bucureşti”, Calea Bucureşti, DN1, Complex Comercial DN1 Value Center, DN1, Otopeni, DN1, Şos. București-Ploiești, Bd. Mărăşti, „Piaţa Presei Libere”.

The schedule for line R442 and the specific stops of the new line can be accessed here